Sunday, April 13, 2008

I Want To Love My Label Maker

I have read about the wonders of label makers on many blogs. People seem to be passionate about their label makers. I could imagine lots of ways to use a label maker in my classroom. So when WantNot linked to a great deal on a label maker a few weeks ago, I bought one. It arrived a week later in a box so large it could have held ten label makers.

I carried it to school, thinking that I would have time to label some things in my free time.

Turns out nobody has free time during standardized testing week, especially not first year teachers.

When I finally opened it up on Friday, I realized that I needed batteries. Which were at home.
So I brought it home, and it requires 6 AAA batteries!That’s like an entire package! So now I have to buy batteries just to play around with it.

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